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  1. Stewards of Stewart Progress Report on August 2015 Work Day
    Sent August 16th 2015

    On the hot humid day of August 15, 2015 five SOS volunteers took on the challenge of improving and expanding the rock path through the Fiesta mud-wallow located on the South portion of Fiesta. This was a continuation of our effort from last year to see i...

  2. Stewards of StewartUpdate and Reminder
    Sent August 9th 2015

    On Friday, 8/7/15 two Stewards removed the downed tree across Scofield trail and decided to clear as much of Scofield North as they could in five hours. The result is that Scofield North is now “good-enough” and if anyone wants to improve the cutting and...

  3. Stewards of Stewart Work Day August 2015
    Sent August 2nd 2015

    August 15, 2015 is the target for our next work day in Stewart State Forest. The current plan is to re-visit the partially completed “causeway” through the mud wallow on the south portion of Fiesta. We’ll utilize the nearby rocks/stones and expand what...

  4. Stewards of Stewart News Update for July 2015
    Sent June 29th 2015

    Personal commitments and schedule conflicts during July result in cancellation of the SOS July 2015 work day. However, SOS volunteers will work between July 13th and the 25th to help prepare, mark, marshal and clean-up trails for the July 26, 2015 “S.O.S. ...

  5. Stewards of Stewart Message Work Day Results of 6-14-15
    Sent June 14th 2015

    The June 14, 2015 work day had three old folks and one young energizer bunny show up for the day’s effort. We had to adjust from our primary mission and modify according to the strength, endurance and capabilities of three old folks and one young energi...

  6. Stewards of Stewart Message Change Sat Wrk Day to Sunday, June 14.
    Sent June 11th 2015

    The weather forecast for this Saturday calls for a chance of thunderstorms so we are changing the work day to Sunday, June 14th. We will meet at Ridge Road Parking lot at 09:00. Our mission is to complete the stone path through the drowned section of F...

  7. Stewards of Stewart Work Day for June 2015
    Sent May 14th 2015

    Saturday, June 13, 2015 is our next Stewards of Stewart work day. We have several options to consider: a) Return to the south section of Fiesta to tidy up the portion of trail we cleared last year AND to complete the stone path through the normally floo...

  8. Stewards of Stewart May 3, 2015 Work Day Summary
    Sent May 5th 2015

    What an excellent volunteer work crew turn out for the May 3rd work day. The nine volunteers constructed our standard burrito type of causeway through the mud-wallow on Drakes III near the C. Bridge. The amount of work to collect stone and load (and un...

  9. Stewards of Stewart Message Work Day Reminder
    Sent April 29th 2015

    This is a reminder that this coming Sunday, May 3, 2015 is our next work day. Meet at 09:00 at the Weed Road Parking Lot. We will travel to Beaver Pond and plan our approach to construct a “causeway” through the mud wallow on Drakes 3 (this is near the...

  10. Stewards of Stewart Announcement
    Sent April 25th 2015

    On April 18, 2015 twenty-six enthusiastic volunteers enjoyed beautiful weather while collecting litter and trash from miles of road ways and some of the trails in Stewart Forest. Check out the photos on our website (via our Facebook link): http://stewar...

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