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  1. Stewards of Stewart Message: Results Report for Work Day of August 24, 2014
    Sent August 26th 2014

    We had eight experienced volunteers creating one of best working teams to date. We almost eliminated the pile of crushed stone at our Beaver Pond depot by trucking it to Big Trees Trail at Barron Road. At Big Trees our engineers constructed on/off ramp...

  2. Stewards of Stewart Message
    Sent August 18th 2014

    Sunday, August 24, 2014 is the next scheduled work day for the Stewards of Stewart. We will continue our effort to fully consume the crushed stone pile at Beaver Pond by adding another layer to the thin areas on Beaver Pond Trail and constructing the on...

  3. Stewards of Stewart SOS Work Day for Saturday, July 19, 2014
    Sent July 17th 2014

    Dear Volunteers, This Saturday we plan to meet at the Ridge Road parking lot between 08:30 and 09:00. Our primary purpose is to use up as much of the donated stone piled at Beaver Pond as we can by: 1) Topping off the Beaver Pond paths we made during ou...

  4. Stewards of Stewart Request for Help
    Sent June 30th 2014

    Request for Help for the SOS Benefit Race Dear Friends of SOS, The only source of funds to the Stewards of Stewart is from donors who utilize the forest. Past contributions included SPARC, the Orange County Horse Counsel and the Bicycle Doctor/SOS Race. ...

  5. Stewards of Stewart Summary of 06-08-14 Work Day
    Sent June 8th 2014

    Work Day, 06/08/14 Summary: On this beautiful warm day, five “golden” volunteers decided to put forth a super effort to continue armoring and “burrito-ing” the mud wallow sections that is far, far south of the Astro Bridge on Beaver Pond Trail. They ar...

  6. Stewards of Stewart Don't Forget Sunday June 8th
    Sent June 2nd 2014

    Sunday, June 8th is our next scheduled work day in Stewart Forest. Our plan is the same as our last work session i.e. meet at the Weed Road parking lot at 8:30ish so we can complete any missing paper work and head into the forest at 9:00. We will end ...

  7. Stewards of Stewart Work Day Summary Report
    Sent May 27th 2014

    Summary Report of our Saturday, May 24th work day: We had a great turnout of 12 adults and 4 children as our volunteer work crew each one giving 125% of effort from 9 AM to 12:30 PM. They refused to stop working even after the noon whistle was blown and...

  8. Stewards of Stewart Reminder for this Saturday
    Sent May 20th 2014

    This is a reminder that Saturday, May 24th is our work day in Stewart State Forest. Plan to meet at the Weed Road parking lot at 8:30ish so we can complete any missing paper work, have a brief safety lesson and head into the forest at 9:00. We will end...

  9. Stewards of Stewart Update On Stewart Trails
    Sent April 30th 2014

    This is a quick update on some happenings at Stewart Forest: (A) A few Stewart volunteers selected and hauled a number of perfectly sized rocks to help form a cradle to hold landscape fabric filled and topped with crushed stone to create a small causeway...

  10. Stewards of Stewart Clean Up Stewart Day a Success
    Sent April 7th 2014

    We had 12 volunteers for our April 6th clean up Stewart Day three pick up trucks, a beautiful sunshine day and delicious pizza to restore our energies. Volunteers worked from noon to three and we could not complete cleaning all the roadways because our p...

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