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  1. Stewards of Stewart Clean Up Stewart Day a Success
    Sent April 7th 2014

    We had 12 volunteers for our April 6th clean up Stewart Day three pick up trucks, a beautiful sunshine day and delicious pizza to restore our energies. Volunteers worked from noon to three and we could not complete cleaning all the roadways because our p...

  2. Stewards of Stewart Final Reminder
    Sent April 4th 2014

    This is a final reminder about this Sunday’s (April 6th) pick up the litter day for Stewart Forest. So far we have four definite YES and three MAYBE, one definite pick up truck and one maybe. The weather forecast for Sunday is good to great and with lots ...

  3. Stewards of StewartReminder for April 6
    Sent April 1st 2014

    This Sunday, April 6, is our clean up Stewart Forest day. We will meet in the Ridge Road Parking lot at noon. Please wear gloves, boots (there will be mud) and a long sleeve shirt because poison ivy doesn't need leaves to do its harm. Trash bags will...

  4. Stewards of Stewart Just Say "No" to Mud
    Sent March 19th 2014

    Just Say "No" to Mud This spring is crazy -- thick snow one week, super warm the next. This makes enjoying the trails difficult. With rising temps and melting snow, we're tempted to leap on in with both feet and both pedals. Please -- think bef...

  5. Stewards of Stewart Cancel March 22 Work Day
    Sent March 14th 2014

    It looks like all the snow may not disappear by March 22 and if it does the ground will probably be too soft and muddy to do the work we have in mind. Therefore we are cancelling the work day for March 22. But please spread the word for our April 6th clea...

  6. Stewards of Stewart Request for suggestions
    Sent March 10th 2014

    This is a request for suggestions. Approximately 116 people provided their email addresses expressing interest for working with Stewards of Stewart (SOS). Since 2011 we had about 28 volunteers participate in our workday projects. Some volunteers partici...

  7. Stewards of Stewart Message Chain Droppings
    Sent February 25th 2014

    Stewards of Stewart Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation (SOS). Our mission of developing sustainable trails in the Stewart State Forest is subject to approval by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. The creation of SOS and initial f...

  8. Stewards of Stewart Message
    Sent February 5th 2014

    Dear Stewards of Stewart Volunteers, Please note the 2014 tentative work day schedule for the Stewards of Stewart is posted to our website: http://www.stewardsofstewart.org Your volunteer efforts are greatly appreciated and needed. When you ride in the S...

  9. Stewards of Stewart Year-2013-in-Review
    Sent January 3rd 2014

    Stewards-of-Stewart (SOS): Year-2013-in-Review: Thank you to the hardworking volunteers who contributed to maintaining and improving the trails at Stewart State Forest. Here is a quick summary of your major efforts not to mention the many hours of tri...

  10. SOS Workday – Saturday, 12/21/2013 - Cancelled
    Sent December 17th 2013

    SOS Workday – Saturday, 12/21/2013 cancelled due to snow. Hope to see you in the spring, Tom, David, & David ...

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