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  1. Stewards of Stewart March 2015 News
    Sent March 30th 2015

    April 18, 2015 is our annual clean up the forest day, rain or shine (remember: We are mountain bikers and scoff at bad weather). Plan to meet at the Ridge Road Parking lot at 09:00 and organize into groups for assignment to designated areas to pick up lit...

  2. Stewards of Stewart February News
    Sent February 27th 2015

    February 2015 News Spring is almost here so not much time left for great winter riding at Stewart. Thank you to the snowmobilers for nicely packing the snow and special thanks to the snowmobiler who slowly rode on some single track trails thus firmly pac...

  3. Stewards of Stewart December News from Stewards of Stewart
    Sent December 4th 2014

    The revised, updated maps of Stewart State Forest are now posted on the Stewards of Stewart website: http://www.stewardsofstewart.org. Please check them out. The Stewards print maps and distribute the 11x17 maps to local bike shops for free distributi...

  4. Stewards of Stewart Message November Update & Reminder
    Sent November 20th 2014

    The Orange County Map Department is a critical player in the production of our trail maps for the Stewart State Forest. We post these maps (11 x 17 and 24 x 36) on our website for ease of downloading to your PC or cell phone. The Stewards of Stewart al...

  5. Stewards of Stewart Correction to DEC Annual User Meeting Date
    Sent November 11th 2014

    Please note I made an error in the previous email. The correct date for the annual user meeting with DEC is November 25, 2014. That is a Tuesday and not a Wednesday that I mistakenly stated in the previous email. Thank you for your patience and hope to see...

  6. Stewards of Stewart Fiesta Trail Update plus DEC User Meeting
    Sent November 11th 2014

    Our November 9th work day was a partial success. Three volunteers worked on the south portion of Fiesta Trail. Our focus was to build a stone path through the section that is rooty and is covered with water during the wet season essentially making this ...

  7. Stewards of Stewart SOS Work Day This Sunday, Nov 9
    Sent November 4th 2014

    This Sunday, November 9th, is our last scheduled work day for this year. Our plan is to rejuvenate the portion of Fiesta Trail from Pine Root to Dawn. The trail is considerably overgrown and although dry right now it will contain a large mud wallow duri...

  8. Stewards of Stewart Update on Scofield-Great Swamp Trail:
    Sent October 9th 2014

    This is an update if you have not yet visited the Great Swamp Walkway that is still under construction. The base walkway (lacking the decking and guard rails) now connects the East side of the Great Swamp to the island; the trail across the island is ro...

  9. Stewards of Stewart October 5th Work Day Cancelled
    Sent October 3rd 2014

    Our work day for Sunday, October 5th is cancelled. Please spread the word so everyone is informed. We will complete the work on the new Scofield to Great Swamp Trail when the walkway is connected to the “main land”. It looks that that will be comple...

  10. Stewards of Stewart Work Day Update of 09/27/14
    Sent September 29th 2014

    Five hardworking volunteers showed up for our Saturday, 9/27/14, workday. We continued efforts to clear more of the Scofield to Great Swamp Trail and it is now looking very good. Our efforts will continue when the Great Swamp walkway is connected to th...

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